Tuesday, November 24, 2015

An unexpected use for dye!

It is year 2 of my participation in the local Festival of Trees. Last year our "Indigo and Ice" tree featured hand made "Shibornaments" (ornaments made out of Indigo Shibori) and an impish little Jack Frost. 

This year we are aiming for a little more Old World feel with a Tuscan twist. What better fabric collection to inspire the tree than Vineyards and Vistas?

With the aid of Mod Podge, hot glue and a magpie's stash of bling, the ornaments took shape, each with a distinctly unique character. I can already envision them dangling off the branches of a heavily flocked tree. We will add some textured metallic ornaments, some flowers and fruit in the same tones, but something was still missing. Maybe glass ornaments?

My cohorts in merriment, Carl and Roger, and I devised a fun and unexpected use for dye! We had read that you could use regular old school glue mixed with food coloring to make a paint that will look frosted when painted on glass. Why not dye? Just use glue, a small amount of dye, and a little water for thinning.

We did a few test ornaments, to play with the texture we wanted, 
and were pleasantly surprised with our custom colored ornaments!
The guys went home and had a blast painting ornaments for our tree! 

I am loving our hand made and hand painted ornaments together, and just can't wait to decorate our tree next week! Stay tuned!

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